Vonetize completes TASE IPO 0

Vonetize completes TASE IPO

August 09, 2016 Opening Bell Ceremony with Vonetize to Celebrate Listing on TASE Vonetize celebrates their IPO this morning in the opening bell ceremony, attended by Vonetize TASE managements. Noam Josephides,...

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Israel: The StartApp Nation 0

Israel: The StartApp Nation

Feb 21, 2016
6 billion. Around half the world’s population. That’s the number of mobile subscribers there were throughout the world at the beginning of 2015. By 2020, another billion people are predicted to join the global mobile revolution.

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Israel: Start-up nation comes of age 0

Israel: Start-up nation comes of age

Jan 6, 2016 John Reed
Tech companies want to build the country’s first multinationals at home Vonetize, an Israeli company that offers video on demand to customers in Africa, Latin America and other emerging markets, is “not very focused on…

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