Muviz will be the first legal streaming service in Israel to be open to all platforms: TV, Mobile and PC.
Muviz will offer theatrcial new releases to rent and for sale as soon as they end their theatrical run, in high quality formats Full-HD and 4K-HDR.
Contrary to other streaming services, MUVIZ does not require any subscription fees or commitments and it is available to anyone looking for a film on Pay-Per-View basis. Rental titles are available for 48 hours for 20.90 NIS.
The new brand is set to differentiate the service from other subscription streaming services making it’s focus on New Releases and easy access from any device.
The service will allow users to purchase a MUVIPASS – discounted credits for rentals for as low as 14.90 NIS per movie.
For families the service will offer a huge selection of Hebrew dubbed titles, as well as the option to purchase the movie, access it from any device connected to the web at any time for 39.90-69.90 NIS. Film Buffs and collectors will be able to build their own movie library easily, with no need of any storage – physical or paid – to access their purchases at any time. Most blockbusters will be offered for a pre-order.