Vonetize PLC today announced an agreement with LG Electronics to expand distribution of Vonetize’s SmartVOD Premium movie service  to seven key countries in Latin America: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Panama.

SmartVOD is a rental and digital purchase service for streaming Hollywood’s newest releases in up to 4K-HDR quality and is available throughout the region on Web browsers (www.smartvod.com.br , www.smartvod.com.mx and additional websites), mobile apps and Smart TVs from Samsung and Android TV platforms.

The service will be distributed by means of pre-installed SmartVOD service on LG’s smart TV’s sold in these countries as well as via online push of software updates to existing TV models. LG will also promote the SmartVOD app through premium placement on its main content screen. Vonetize currently has over 3.5 Million active users of SmartVOD in Brazil alone, and thus the distribution with LG will unlock further potential reach for new customers in the region.