November 7th, 2016

Entertainment in Israel on the verge of transformation:

Vonetize and Globus MAX Cinema Theatres sign first of its kind strategic cooperation

Vonetize, the technology and content company which operates the SmartVOD service in Israel, and Globus MAX, the leading cinema theatre chain which operates 11 cinema complexes across Israel in addition to acting as the local distributor of Universal, Warner Bros. and Paramount films, entered an agreement to distribute and market joint entertainment packages combining films, TV and VOD content for a single bundle price.

Noam Josephides, CEO of Vonetize, commented, “We are excited to collaborate with Israel’s leading cinema theatre chain. This collaboration will provide comfortable and diversified access to all blockbuster films, first on the cinema screens and then on TV and mobile devices. The digital revolution of the Israeli content market has just been given an additional dimension for the benefit of film lovers, wherever they are.”

Efi Lifshitz, VP of business development at Globus MAX, said, “Concurrently with opening new theaters across Israel to achieve full coverage, we are happy to offer our customers a complete offering which for the first time combines the fun of going out to watch a film with home entertainment with Vonetize’s advanced digital media and at the best pricing on the market. According to our strategic plan, our joint packages offering will serve over 150 thousand households in Israel.


Vonetize today announced it has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Globus MAX, under which the companies will cooperate in marketing and selling their products and services, including through joint package offering and prepaid cards which will entitle their holders to joint benefits such as tickets to the cinema theatres operated by Globus MAX and monthly subscriptions or coupons for watching SmartVOD content. The joint packages will be promoted on Globus MAX’ screens and presence in the theatre complexes, in the printed press, on the SmartVOD service and on the internet.

The marketing expenses for the collaboration, as well as revenues from the sale of joint products and services will be shared by the partners according to a pre-agreed formula. The collaboration is expected to commercially launch in the next few weeks.



The first of its kind collaboration between a VOD service and a cinema theatre chain will allow the customers of both companies to extend the cinematic entertainment experience to their homes. Since its establishment, Globus MAX has been emphasizing the reinforcement of film culture across Israel through the continued deployment of multiple compounds. The new collaboration will allow Globus MAX customers to enjoy the best Hollywood creations and the complementary content services available on SmartVOD in the comfort of their home. The service will be launched by the end of 2016 with the best content from prime Hollywood studios: films, series, children and life style content, all of which will be offered in the cinema theatre compounds and on Globus MAX’ online platforms.

Right now, Vonetize’s SmartVOD service offers hundreds of Hollywood films in a range of genres, premium series, dubbed children content, live artist shows, and more. Already available in 30 countries, SmartVOD comes with a range of consumption options to meet the needs of different user profiles. The service is available on smart TV sets from Samsung, LG, and Sony Android TV, on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS, for owners of Chromecast and InnovaTV set top box which combines the IDAN+ receiver with the SmartVOD service. The offering includes even 3D films which are broadcast in Full HD 1080p quality, matching the viewing experience of the cinema theatre. All films and series are localized for the Israeli market with Hebrew subtitles and dubbing. Leading content titles also offer Arabic subtitles.

Thanks to content licensing agreements with the leading Hollywood studios Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and others, SmartVOD offers consumers the most anticipated Hollywood films, either fully dubbed or sub-titled. Starting from the film’s first screening, the consumers will be able to preorder the film they have just watched in the theatre to enjoy it at home.

Phenomenal viewing quality for premium content: The content offered in the SmartVOD service also included 3D movies in Full HD 1080p quality which brings the theatre experience to the living room. Owners of TV sets that support 4K resolution will be able to enjoy a range of 4K titles. All films and series are localized for the Israeli market with Hebrew subtitles and dubbing. Leading content titles also offer Arabic subtitles.

The price revolution continues: the collaboration, which will be launched in December 2016, will offer the buyers of subscriptions to Globus MAX theatres up to 30% on film ticket prices, online ticket purchase with no extra fee, and continued entertainment at home with free viewership and SmartVOD rentals. Logging to the SmartVOD service requires no commitment to a specific period and allows consumers to view the content also on an occasional basis.


Vonetize develops premium content services and technology platforms for Smart TVs and connected devices, reaching millions of viewers worldwide with a variety of content offerings – including Hollywood films and TV series, music and live concerts, children’s programming, and niche ethnic content. Having built partnerships with top-tier content providers like Disney, Miramax and MGM, as well as major consumer electronics manufacturers such as Samsung, Toshiba, and Hisense, Vonetize provides a superior VOD service to millions of people in established and emerging markets worldwide. Over the past year, the Company has begun offering the service on additional platforms besides Samsung, Chromecast support, support for Android and iOS devices, smart TV’s, Android TV’s, and more. SmartVOD is Vonetize flagship service and a source for continued pride being an Israeli-developed service.


Globus MAX is Israel’s leading cinema theatre chain with 11 compounds and over 100 screens across Israel. The Chain is currently experiencing a significant development process at the end of which it will operate 190 compounds and over 170 screens across Israel with over 1,000 screenings per day. Globus MAX pays special attention to designing its new cinema theatres so that they provide a unique, indulging entertainment experience with state-of-the-art screening and sound technologies. All of Globus Max’ new theatres currently feature Dolby Atmos, the world’s most advanced sound system. Globus MAX is also the official distributor in Israel of Hollywood studios Warner Bros., Universal and Paramount and of the independent film division New Guys.