August 09, 2016

Opening Bell Ceremony with Vonetize to Celebrate Listing on TASE
Vonetize celebrates their IPO this morning in the opening bell ceremony, attended by Vonetize TASE managements.

Noam Josephides, CEO of Vonetize, said, “Our journey is the realization of the Israeli entrepreneurial dream. Just like your average start-up, Vonetize began with two entrepreneurs hunched over a laptop sitting at a Tel Aviv cafe. In the five years since opening, Vonetize has been able to establish long-term partnerships with the world’s best content providers and entered into global distribution agreements with the world’s electronics giants. We are the first company in the world to offer a 4K streaming service and to have unique abilities in terms of Smart TV monetization and billing.

Vonetize’s content services currently serve millions of users worldwide, and among them the jewel in the crown and our pride and joy – close to 2 million Israeli users, who have voted with their remote controls, tablets, smart phones and smart TV converter boxes for smart consumption of the finest content in the world at a sane price, making our SmartVOD service into Israel’s biggest and best-priced TV content service.

Today we are celebrating yet another milestone, and we are excited to take an active and leading role in the Israeli economy and the Israeli capital market. From our perspective, Vonetize’s IPO on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange tells a bigger story about the Israeli economy. Today, the Israeli public said, ‘Yes, we are the technology nation, your place is here;’ ‘Yes, we want to nurture and grow international companies that will sow their seeds in Israel and not in foreign markets;’ and ‘Yes, we are a sophisticated and smart market that knows how to attract high-tech companies at all stages and of all sizes to be part of the Israeli economy and capital market, not as something shameful or as a compromise, but a source of strength for building companies with global potential that are managed here, from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa.

I am proud of the road we have traveled, the many roads that lay ahead of us and of the hard work that awaits us as we work to realize our objectives. We are only just starting, and we have no plans to slow down!”

Hani Shitrit-Bach, Senior Vice President, Head of Listing and Economics Department of TASE, said, “The company raised NIS 16 million through the issue of shares and option warrants, and will enter the Tech-Elite, BlueTech, Technology and Yeter – Rest of Shares Indices. We are proud of the road Vonetize has taken and the perseverance it has shown to raise capital on TASE. Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is a springboard for high-tech companies, and we hope that Vonetize is a harbinger of the arrival of other companies to TASE.

Pictured from left to right: David Ben Naim, CFO of Vonetize, Noam Josephides with his wife Karin and two children; Hani Shitrit-Bach, Senior Vice President, Head of Listing and Economics Department of TASE, and Amnon Neubach, Chairman of the Board of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.