Sep 21, 2015

Earlier this month, Vonetize, a company that mainly develops over the top (OTT) channels for smart TVs and mobile services, introduced Bollywood HD Movie Channel on EE TV. EE is the largest mobile operator in the United Kingdom and launched EE TV last year.

While SVOD and OTT companies battle over an increasingly competitive market for U.S. content new and old, Vonetize focuses on international content – especially within emerging markets. Gaining access to a library of popular Bollywood movies gives Vonetize a distinct advantage.




“EE TV viewers will now have the opportunity to consume a plethora of Bollywood movies that aren’t available to them otherwise,” Noam Josephides, CEO of Vonetize, told Found Remote. “Vonetize has partnerships with quality content companies that create Bollywood features, which are featured on the company’s Bollywood HD Movie channel. Besides the variety of Bollywood films, we also offer a transactional VOD category- enabling viewers to access the latest films straight out of the cinema for a small fee.”



What also distinguishes Vonetize from other OTT developers is its focus on partnerships with smart TV manufacturers rather than platforms like Roku and Amazon.

“Many of our partnerships are with content creators and smart-device manufacturers to ensure that consumers have access to the highest quality content on the most widely distributed and respected devices around the world,” Josephides told us. “Companies like EE, Samsung, Toshiba, and LG are looking for ways to differentiate their Smart TV offerings, and featuring our apps that contain top-tier content in every genre is a great way to make the consumer experience more seamless and enjoyable. That said, we are always looking for more potential partners.”