May 12, 2013


The SmartVOD application launched today will be pre-loaded on every Samsung Smart TV, Tablet and Smartphone sold in Israel, and will include Hollywood new releases, library films, TV series, kids programs, sports, live concerts, nature and more for over 1M Samsung device holders. 

This move will potentially create the widest-spread content service in Israel, utilizing Samsung’s strong market share and Vonetize’s top-tier streaming and application technology as well as strong content licensing deals with partners such as Disney, Warner Bros, Miramax, Sky Vision and a plethora of local TV channels.

The service will be offered on a monthly subscription basis of 30NIS (approx. US$ 8), with new releases offered on a pay-per-view rental fee of 18 NIS (approx. US$ 5) for 48 hours.

Mr. Noam Josephides, Vonetize’s CEO, commented: “Israel’s media and content markets are ripe for the type of disruptive alternative offered in other countries by companies like Netflix, LoveFilm and Hulu. Teaming up with Samsung brings our service to over 50% of Israeli households, who can start enjoying premium, Full HD 1080p content instantly, in the home and outside”. 

The service also includes a device-pairing option, which means a viewer can start watching content on his Smart TV, resume watching on his Tablet or Smartphone, share favorites and recommendations etc., all from a single paying account.

Vonetize is a European company merging technology development and content licensing activities. It operates various VOD services globally in niches such as Bollywood movies, Baby Content and Live concerts, as well as wider-targeting services such as SmartVOD.

For more information please contact: Martin Sabag,, +44-20-3290-2999